Any profiling activity, may be performed through classification of particular behaviours. For example, credibility assessment can be achieved through classifying deception, comprehension and guilt. Apart from interviewing, profiles can also be extracted from suitable historical video footage.

For credibility assessment, the applications include monitoring behaviour at border control, police interviews, corporate investigations, financial risk management, and medical uses.
Displayed information can be tailored to the application - information per response, information for short periods of time or a graphical display across the whole interview. Different classifiers can be trained for different demographic groups of people and situations to optimise the system.

Our research and contact with practitioners has identified numerous potential application scenarios, including:

  • Police Investigative Interviewing.
  • Medicine, such as diagnostic information relevant to pain levels and mental well being.
  • Single emotions such as fear, anger or sadness.
  • More enduring moods such as euphoria, dysphoria or irritableness, for example, in identifying the role of these in coronary artery disease.
  • Cognitive activity such as comprehension, perplexity or concentration, attention wandering, sleepiness or boredom to improve performance in the workplace or in in-service training.
  • Measures of temperament and personality measurement, including traits such as hostility, sociability, shyness, useful in negotiations and personnel decisions in businesses.
  • Security risks.

These measures are unbiased - the judgments of human interviewers have been shown to be biased, irrational, not in accordance with each other and typically bear no relationship to the suitability of the applicants for a job [Sutherland, 1994].
Silent Talker can be trained and adapted for almost any application where one of our corporate or government clients needs to analyse a person’s beliefs, desires or intentions – be they customers, employees or in some other relationship. This is done through careful design of the deployed system in conjunction with the client.



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