How does Silent Talker understand human behaviour?

All mental states can be profiled to capture critically important information. The most pertinent being truth and deception.

Silent Talker’s unique approach is to detect and analyse facial micro-gestures. This supports real-time, non-invasive detection of truth and deception without the need for a baseline behaviours.

Visual, non-verbal behaviour plays a major part in human communication, and is continuous even when we are silent. Silent Talker uses simple micro-gestures (e.g. an eye moving from full-open to half-open) to perceive these non-verbal behaviour cues. These cues occur in very large numbers, but people can only consciously control a small number of variables, e.g. seven. our technology, by contrast uses many more channels of non-verbal behaviour accumulated on a second by second basis. Thus, the deceiver’s non-verbal behaviour is fully discover-able to our systems. It is therefore impossible to have full control of a large number of such micro-gestures at the same time, to fake truthful behaviour. This makes Silent Talker technologies highly robust to “spoofing” compared with other approaches.

Silent Talker is trained on a population sample, so it learns general patterns of behaviour and does not require preparation for the individual interviewee in advance. Our technology greatly enhances the decision-making process for a wide range or risk assessment areas.


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