Artificial Intelligence Psychological Profiling


Silent Talker is a pioneering adaptive psychological profiling system which was developed by the UK's leading experts in Behavioural Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

Designed for use in natural conversation, Silent Talker combines image processing and artificial intelligence to classify multiple visible signals of the head and face that accompany verbal communication. From these, it produces an accurate and comprehensive time-profile of a subject’s psychological state.

Silent Talker’s patented intelligent, adaptable, fully automated and entirely  noninvasive multi channel analysis technology can be adapted for virtually all contexts. 


Corporate and enterprise. 
A trustworthy and competent team is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Use Silent Talker in pre-employment vetting interviews, integrity and comprehension testing, and as part of an integrated framework for identifying and eliminating security threats and internal attacks across increasingly global corporate boundaries.

Local and national security.
Silent Talker is ideally suited to criminal interview settings. Increase the number of successful case resolutions while minimising time apportioned to suspects unconnected with the investigations. It can also be used to substantially reduce cost and time through security clearance procedures, and protect critical infrastructure.

Military and territorial protection.
Silent Talker can be integrated into military operations to provide critical intelligence support in conflict situations, and rapid and automated insider threat detection systems.


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All mental states can be profiled to capture critically important information. The most obvious is deception.

Silent Talker’s unique approach is to detect and analyse facial micro-gestures. This supports real-time, non-invasive detection of deception without the need for a baseline of truthful behaviour...

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Silent Talker processes a video stream received from a camera or a recording made earlier to make a classification (e.g. an interviewee is truthful or deceptive). It uses large numbers of AI components to find useful features in the image and their states...

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Silent Talker can be trained and adapted for almost any application where one of our corporate or government clients needs to analyse a person’s beliefs, desires or intentions – be they customers, employees or in some other relationship. This is done through careful design of the deployed system in conjunction with the client...

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